Beach background shown to underscore the game's portability and playability in many locations.
Young adults playing card game at outdoor cafe table
4 teenagers playing RPSWC in a school environment to show game's portability and appeal to all ages.
Mom with kids playing cards on a blanket in front of a tent. Camping scene emphasizes game portability.

Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc... Anywhere You Like

Travel and take your fun with you! Enjoy this portable card game at a restaurant, in a parked car, on the bleachers, at the pool, on the beach, or in a hotel. The possibilities are endless, enabling you to entertain and be entertained at home or on the road.

Not your ordinary Rock Paper Scissors, this updated version expands battle options and outcomes, is played over multiple rounds with players taking sequential turns, and offers exciting surprises along the way.

A Fun Twist on Traditional Rock Paper Scissors

  • Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ is played with cards instead of hand gestures.
  • New elements, like Wizard and Croc, expand player choices and outcomes.
  • Sequential play over multiple rounds develops and rewards strategic thinking.
  • Wild cards make for wild times, changing battle momentum on a moment's notice.
  • The game's small footprint and portable box design make it easy to take with you.
  • There are many ways for 2-4 people to play. Choose shorter versions when time constrained or entertaining younger kids, longer options when not.
RPSWC cards splayed to show the addition of Wizards and Crocodiles to traditional Rock Paper Scissors battles.

More Elements, More Choice, More Fun

With their magic and charm, the newcomers – Wizard and Croc – add variation, providing more battle options along with a wider variety of potential outcomes. Oh, the possibilities an expanded friend group brings!

More Strategic Thinking

Play occurs sequentially and continues over multiple rounds. Because this is not a one-and-done game, players benefit from assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their hands, thinking several moves ahead, and adjusting their battle plans as new information is revealed.

Wild card shown to emphasize 1 of the game's new elements and convey that it can beat all other cards.

More Chances to Go Wild

Wild cards add a surprise element that can change the tide of a head-to-head battle. Strategy counts, but unpredictable lady luck gets in on the action, too!

More Appeal

With its familiar base (rock still breaks scissors, scissors still cut paper, paper still covers rock), this next-generation version of the old classic is easy to learn and fun to master. No matter where you are, everyone will want to join in!

Overview Video (46 seconds)

Features not only Rock, Paper, and Scissors cards but also new Wizard, Croc, and Wild cards and their bright personalities.
Reference cards show card game storyline and chart of what beats what to convey that players don't have to memorize this info.
Portion of instruction sheet shown to help convey what comes in the game box.
Card backs shown to help convey what comes in the game box, along with the card's colors and personality.

What's in the Box

Hours of interactive fun and battle! Plus instructions and 104 standard, poker-sized cards: 18 Rock cards, 18 Paper cards, 18 Scissors cards, 18 Wizard cards, 18 Croc cards, and 10 Wild cards, as well as 4 reference cards showing what beats what in the storyline hierarchy.