Rock Paper Scissors Meet Wizard & Croc

Think the familiar classic but in card game form. Add a Wizard and a Crocodile (oh my!) and some Wild cards, too. Then, have play unfold sequentially over multiple rounds. Welcome to Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™!

  • Cards showing new additions -- a Wizard in purple and a green Croc on a pink background -- to the Rock Paper Scissors lineup.

    More Possibilities

    Wizards, Crocodiles, and Wild cards add variety, providing more options to pick from on each turn and expanding battle outcomes.

  • Relatively neat but slightly mussed up pile of 4 played cards is shown to help convey that play occurs sequentially in turns.

    Strategy Matters

    Back-and-forth play over multiple rounds encourages players to think ahead and adjust as new information is revealed.

  • Wild card shown to emphasize 1 of the game's new elements and convey that it can beat all other cards.

    Surprises Await

    Strategy matters, but lady luck does, too. Wild cards bring on the unexpected, saving or disrupting plans in a flash.

RPSWC featured as a fun and portable by young adults playing the game on a café table with food, drinks and sunglasses on it.

Easy to Master, Fun to Play Anywhere

This simple, beloved mechanics of Rock Paper Scissors still apply (Rock still breaks Scissors, Scissors still cut Paper, and Paper still covers Rock,...), making the game easy to learn and facilitating cross-generational appeal.

Game Buzz

  • "Perfect addition to game night."

    -Tad B, grad student and game night organizer for his friend group

  • "Just when you think you've got the game figured out, a Wild card flips the script, keeping everyone on their toes and laughing out loud."

    -Candace N, co-owner of a large, regional puzzle company

  • "Best new party game. Hilarious to watch. Easy to jump in and play."

    -Monica M, salon owner and party planner for friends and extended family

  • "Spans generations. Kept the whole family entertained!"

    -Julie L, professional event planner and mom of 3 college and high school kids

  • “Wild cards really change the dynamics. Love pulling out that zinger! My girlfriend's face was priceless...”

    -Chris M, personal trainer and recent college grad

  • “We were supposed to go to bed, but 2 hours later, there we were...our competitive butts still playing."

    -Ken G, empty-nester

3 high-school and college-aged students laughing wildly while playing Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc in a family room..

Many Ways to Play

Compete one-on-one, tournament-style (as with sports brackets), or with a group of people playing together in the same round.