Fun For Everyone

Meet new cast members and enjoy a storyline that leaves no stone (paper, scissors, wizard, or crocodile) unturned.

  • The Evolution

    What makes this game unique? Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ is played with cards instead of hand gestures. New elements, including Wild cards, expand player choices and outcomes. Sequential play over multiple rounds reduces ties and fosters longer-term thinking. Game design supports 2-4 players.

  • The Storyline

    Scissors cut Paper, Paper covers Rock, Rock clobbers Wizard, Wizard charms Croc, Croc crushes Scissors, Scissors startle Wizard, Wizard crumples Paper, Paper clips Croc, Croc chomps Rock, Rock breaks Scissors, and Wild cards beat all!

Cards introduce Wizard and Croc as the newest additions to the Rock, Paper, Scissors crowd.

New Elements – Wizard and Croc – Expand Player Choice

Everybody knows Rock, Paper, Scissors, but have you met Wizard and Croc? With their magic and charm, these fun, new characters add variation to battle options and outcomes.

RPSWC cards splayed to show the addition of Wizards and Crocodiles to traditional Rock Paper Scissors battles.

Game Structure Develops & Rewards Strategic Thinking

Play occurs sequentially rather than simultaneously, eliminating ties in any given round. Back-and-forth play continues over multiple rounds, encouraging players to think ahead and adjust as new information is revealed.

Wild card shown to emphasize 1 of the game's new elements and convey that it can beat all other cards.

Wild Cards Bring On the Unexpected

Wild cards are an exciting, new element that can change the game at any moment. Never count lady luck out!

Graphic showing rock, paper, and scissors images together.

Familiar Base Makes Game Easy to Master

The game retains the simple, beloved mechanics of Rock Paper Scissors, making it easy for multiple age groups to understand and perfect for cross-generational play.

Grandparent and child play RPSWC in camper to show game is playable in many locations and transcends generations.
4 teenagers playing RPSWC in a school environment to show game's portability and appeal to all ages.
Adult friend group playing RPSWC in an apartment setting to emphasize that the game is for both adults and kids.
Beach background shown to underscore the game's portability and playability in many locations.

Easy, Portable, G-Rated Fun!

Whether you are entertaining others while "out and about," hosting game night with friends, or enjoying family time at home, this card game's cast of characters can bring joy to every setting.

What Customers Say

  • “We can’t stop reciting the rhythmic storyline. Scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, rock clobbers wizard, wizard charms croc… Makes us laugh every time!"

  • “Neat variation. New additions – characters and wild cards – change up the game. Also, like that there are multiple ways to play.”

  • “A lifesaver for helping me entertain my youngest while waiting for his brother to finish up soccer practice.”

  • "Spans generations. Kept the whole family entertained!"

  • "Fun to play anywhere. At the beach, in a hotel, at the airport..."

  • "Perfect addition to game night."

Features not only Rock, Paper, and Scissors cards but also new Wizard, Croc, and Wild cards and their bright personalities.
Card backs shown to help convey what comes in the game box, along with the card's colors and personality.
Reference cards show card game storyline and chart of what beats what to convey that players don't have to memorize this info.
Portion of instruction sheet shown to help convey what comes in the game box.

Game Contents

18 Rock cards
18 Paper cards
18 Scissors cards
18 Wizard cards
18 Croc cards
10 Wild cards
4 Reference cards showing the hierarchy of what beats what card-wise
1 Instruction sheet