How To Play

The Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ card game offers multiple ways for 2-4 people to play. The variations – one-on-one, multi-round battles; tournament-style play; and group play – enable players to mix things up based on personal preference, number of players available, amount of time available, and age range of the players. No matter which option you choose, know that each helps to build and reward strategic thinking. So, say "goodbye" to single round, one-and-done play, and say "hello" to a flexible, multiple turn, multiple-round structure with a fun, new storyline.

See full instructions for turn-by-turn details or read summaries below.
Kids laughing and with happy expressions to underscore that the game promotes interactivity and fun.

Compete One-on-One or in Tournament-Style Pairs

Two people can engage in a series of quick, head-to-head battles. One person plays a card and the next person tries to beat it. Turn-taking ends when someone cannot play a card that beats their opponent's. The first person to win 5 battles is crowned the champion.

When 4 people play, pairs form brackets (tournament-style), and the winners from each bracket face off in a final showdown.

Game play is fast, and people generally play multiple games in a row. Fans appreciate the ability to start and finish multiple games quickly – for example, when playing time is limited but unpredictable or when attention spans might run short.

Adult friend group playing RPSWC in an apartment setting to emphasize that the game is for both adults and kids.

Play as a Group with 2-4 Players Taking Turns in the Same Round

Group Play works more like a game of Crazy Eights or Uno, where all players participate in the same round and the first person to get rid of all of their cards is crowned the champion. However, instead of trying to match colors or numbers on each turn, players try to beat the last card played. (Scissors cut Paper, Paper covers Rock...).

A player who does not posses an appropriate card when their turn arrives picks a card from the draw pile. Then, play moves on to the next person.

Group Play tends to last longer than Tournament-Style Play, and luck plays a larger role as the number of players increases (though, as with Uno, strategy still matters).

Scissors cut Paper;
Paper covers Rock;
Rock clobbers Wizard;
Wizard charms Croc;
Croc crushes Scissors;
Scissors startle Wizard;
Wizard crumples Paper;
Paper clips Croc;
Croc chomps Rock;
Rock breaks Scissors; and
Wild cards beat all!