Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc

Lizard Spock? Meet Wizard Croc. It's a Whole, New Universe.
Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ is a card game variation of the classic Rock Paper Scissors. With a head nod to Lizard and Spock, this game expands the Rock Paper Scissors friend group to include Wizard and Croc. Then, it adds Wild cards and replaces one-and-done play with multi-round battles that increase the importance of strategy and lead to some epic bragging rights.

Sheldon's Storyline Conundrum

In theory (and as stipulated in the Roommate Contract)...
Scissors cut Paper, Paper covers Rock, Rock clobbers Wizard, Wizard charms Croc, Croc crushes Scissors, Scissors startle Wizard, Wizard crumples Paper, and Paper clips Croc.

Sheldon's Corrollary...
Wild cards beat all in this Rock-Paper-Scissors evoluation.

More Choice, More Fun

Adding new elements to the mix, like Wizards, Crocodiles, and Wild cards (oh my!), provides players with more options to pick from on each turn and grows the number of potential outcomes. (But, don't worry. You've got this. Keep calm and battle on!)

More Strategy

More battle options, a wider variety of possible outcomes, and multi-round play with sequential turns increase the importance of strategy and encourage re-evaluation with each new card revealed. (Sheldon would approve!)

Wild card shown to emphasize 1 of the game's new elements and convey that it can beat all other cards.

More Surprises

Strategy matters but so does lady luck, and Wild cards can save or disrupt plans in a flash. Cue the evil laughter and the epic bragging rights!

More Ways to Play

Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ is for 2, 3, or 4 players and offers multiple ways to play (head-to-head, Tournament-Style Play, or Group Play), so you can accommodate different friend groups and playing styles. You control the fun!

Features not only Rock, Paper, and Scissors cards but also new Wizard, Croc, and Wild cards and their bright personalities.
Reference cards show card game storyline and chart of what beats what to convey that players don't have to memorize this info.
Portion of instruction sheet shown to help convey what comes in the game box.
Card backs shown to help convey what comes in the game box, along with the card's colors and personality.

What's in the Box

Hours of interactive fun and battle! Plus instructions and 104 standard, poker-sized cards: 18 Rock cards, 18 Paper cards, 18 Scissors cards, 18 Wizard cards, 18 Croc cards, and 10 Wild cards, as well as 4 reference cards showing what beats what in the storyline hierarchy.