Rock Paper Scissors Meet Wizard & Croc

In this exciting, new card game, Wizard and Croc unite to create a next-generation competition that goes beyond a one-and-done battle, offers greater variety and choice, and encourages strategic thinking across multiple rounds.

RPSWC cards splayed to show the addition of Wizards and Crocodiles to traditional Rock Paper Scissors battles.

Wizard & Croc Join the Classic Trio in an Updated Storyline

Scissors cut Paper, Paper covers Rock, Rock clobbers Wizard, Wizard charms Croc, Croc crushes Scissors, Scissors startle Wizard, Wizard crumples Paper, Paper clips Croc, Croc chomps Rock, Rock breaks Scissors, and Wild cards beat all!

What Makes This Game So Fun & Unique

  • Features not only Rock, Paper, and Scissors cards but also new Wizard, Croc, and Wild cards and their bright personalities.

    Greater Choice

    The addition of Wizards, Crocodiles, and Wild cards provides more options to pick from on each turn, as well as an expanded variety of outcomes (while simultaneously eliminating ties in any given round).

  • Discard pile shown to convey game play occurs over sequential turns, not with everyone revealing a card at the same time.

    Strategy Matters

    Back-and-forth play occurs over multiple rounds, encouraging players to think ahead and to adjust as new information is revealed.

  • Instruction sheet featuring that game can be played in different ways and with 2-4 players.

    More Ways to Play

    Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ allows for 2-4 players and offers multiple ways to play (Tournament Style or Group Play), so you can switch it up to keep things fresh.

Asian brothers playing RPSWC game on a hotel bed, underscoring game portability and ease playing in venues outside the home.
Adult friend group playing RPSWC in an apartment setting to emphasize that the game is for both adults and kids.
Young adults playing card game at outdoor cafe table
Mom with kids playing cards on a blanket in front of a tent. Camping scene emphasizes game portability.

Fun to Play Anywhere

Enjoy this game's portability and small storage footprint whether you're planning a game night with friends, hosting game night at home, or traveling/entertaining on the road.

Also know that the game's familiar roots (paper still covers rock, scissors still cut paper, etc.) make Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc™ easy to learn and perfect for cross-generational play. Everyone will want to join in!

Features not only Rock, Paper, and Scissors cards but also new Wizard, Croc, and Wild cards and their bright personalities.
Reference cards show card game storyline and chart of what beats what to convey that players don't have to memorize this info.
Portion of instruction sheet shown to help convey what comes in the game box.
Card backs shown to help convey what comes in the game box, along with the card's colors and personality.

What's in the Box

Hours of interactive fun and battle! Plus instructions and 104 standard, poker-sized cards: 18 Rock cards, 18 Paper cards, 18 Scissors cards, 18 Wizard cards, 18 Croc cards, and 10 Wild cards, as well as 4 reference cards showing what beats what in the storyline hierarchy.