Meet the Cast

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Wizard, and Croc. They love to play together and can be quite the tease. Put them to work in an epic battle – a friendly competition that comes with bragging rights!

Rock with hands, feet, eyes, nose. Meant to bring character to life, convey personality. Differs from card image.


With his solid upbringing and musical genes, Rock provides the foundation for important physical structures and creative projects. But… beware! Despite its propensity for goodness, Rock has been known to break Scissors and clobber a Wizard or two from time to time (perhaps a remnant from his pro-wrestling days?). Well, we all have our vices… Rock’s favorite phrases are “Rock on!” and “You rock!” ('cause you really do rock).

Paper character with hands, feet, googly eyes. Meant to bring character to life, convey personality. Differs from card image.


Not one to be weighted down, Paper takes great pride in helping to develop and store content. It doesn’t enjoy being waxed, but it does like being copied (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery). It loves flying airplanes, as well as leaving a trail in its wake. Paper enjoys playing hide-and-seek, often covering its friend Dwayne (a.k.a. the Rock). It feels badly when it accidentally clips the Crocodile, leaving its friend with annoying paper cuts. Its favorite phrase is “Ok, that’s a wrap!” Its least-favorite phrase is “Ok, boomer.” And its least-favorite prank is short-sheeting.

Scissors character standing. Blades serve as legs. Character has eyes, legs, shoes. Communicates fun personality. Differs from card image.


A razor-sharp mind and body help Scissors bring cutting-edge change to the world. A great partner for many activities (but don’t pair it with running!), Scissors facilitate creativity and trim undesirable excesses. Just don’t take Scissors too far; it can cut Paper into confetti (“chop, chop!”) and startle a Wizard with its snippiness. Hearing the phrases “To cut a long story short…” and “Cut it out!” are music to Scissors ears.

Smiling, Claymation-like Wizard with soft, magical look and wand. Pic conveys dimension, personality. Differs from card image.


An award-winning speller and mathlete, the multi-faceted Wizard delights in the ability to enchant and use magical powers for good. However, a mischievous side sometimes emerges, leading the Wizard to charm Croc (placing his favorite reptile in a momentary trance) or to crumple Paper before hurling it at a basket. This sorcerer’s favorite phrases are “Enchanté,” “Yer a wizard!” and “There’s no place like home.”

Standing Pixar-like Croc character with feet, hands and thumbs up sign. Meant to convey personality. Differs from card image.


Croc was recently spotted rocking out with his friend Elton John (it had been a while!). Croc is known for crushing Scissors as part of his daily workout and for chomping on Rocks as a mid-afternoon snack. This reptile’s favorite expressions include “Crikey!” and “What a croc!” While the Croc admits to guzzling Gatorade, the phrase “See you later” will elicit a cringe, sometimes followed by tears.

Game Basics

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